About Noochies!

Noochies! is named after the magical ingredient that powers our pet nutrition: nutritional yeast, or nooch. Nutritional yeast is an all-natural product made by the ancient process of culturing, which creates plentiful, bioavailable protein and B vitamins.

We love it so much, we created our own version of it.

Introducing Bmmune, our proprietary nutritional yeast blend. We created a unique strain of nutritional yeast to meet and exceed dogs and cats protein requirements, which contain a blend of all-important B vitamins and all the amino acids dogs need. We also added a bioactive fermentation product, a strain of koji, that supports immune defense, gut microbial health and gut function and act as a prebiotic fiber.

We only want the highest quality, sustainable ingredients that are scientifically proven to benefit dogs and cats. We avoid factory farmed chicken and beef, which are common allergens for pets, because they are devastating for the environment.

About Our Founder

The idea for Noochies! Cultivated Pet Food was started way back in 2015, when Joshua Errett was volunteering at an animal rescue organization in Toronto. His main goal was to help improve the lives of unhomed pets and ease the overpopulation of strays and ferals. But another problem caught his attention: the food that cats and dogs ate. It was overprocessed, oversupplemented meats from animals that neither cats or dogs were not meant to eat. And more than that, factory farms – the source of the vast majority of meat in pet food – is devastating to the climate, our environment and to the lives of farmed animals.

And so, he began work on a solution to that problem. How do we feed our pets without harming other animals or the environment? Click on the Shop button above to see his answer!

We are a small company with a big mission: to make healthy, sustainable products for cats and dogs that do not include meat from factory farms. Reducing our reliance on factory farming will result in less devastating impacts on our rainforests, oceans, climate and the lives of all animals. Thank you for joining us!
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Exceptional safety and quality standards

Our foods are not a product of factory farms, and are free of pathogens, hormones, antibiotics and other contaminants that cause recalls in meat-based foods. Plus we don't use any byproducts or GMOs.

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Reducing our carbon pawprint

Factory farming produces significant greenhouse gas emissions, and uses massive amounts of land, water and fossil fuels. Our foods, made with Bmmune Nutritional Yeast, requires far fewer resources and has far a lower environmental impact than conventional pet foods.

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Animal welfare is at the heart of our mission

We believe in a world where feeding our animals doesn't cause harm to other animals. That's why you'll never find animal-derived ingredients in our products. Through rigorous research and development, we've created nutritious pet products that are harmless to all living things.


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Returns & Refunds

Our Happy Pet Guarantee is simple: if your animal isn't completely satisfied, we offer a full refund.

Please contact us within 30 days of purchase.

In most cases, we will ask that unwanted products be donated to local shelters or passed on to a friend or family member who has a dog or cat.

Payment Security

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Delivery Times

Standard delivery usually takes around 4 business days.

If your order hasn't arrived after one week, please contact us and we will look into the details.

Back in Stock Notifications

Products are stocked up on a regular basis.

If a product you want is out of stock, please feel free to shoot us a message with the product you are looking for in the subject line. We will send you a notifications when they are back in stock!

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