The Magical, Cultured Ingredients in All of Our Products for Cats and Dogs

August 29, 2023
5 min read
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The Magical, Cultured Ingredients in All of Our Products for Cats and Dogs

We use cultured ingredients in all of our products for cats and dogs. Culturing is a natural, and ancient process that dates back as far as 6000 BCE!

Why has culturing sustained through history? Because it delivers so many health benefits such as improved digestion, better nutrient absorption and increased immunity. For both humans and their pets.

To prepare a food by culturing you start with cultures. Cultures are microbes (so small they are not visible to the human eye) that break down foods and sometimes change them into another food. For example, think of milk turning into yogurt, cucumbers into pickles, or grains into beer.

When foods are cultured, they are broken down in a way that makes them easier to digest – think of this as predigestion. The microbes that help predigestion are known as “healthy bacteria” and they support healthy gut environments, which in turn improves immunity!

The healthy bacteria (a powerful, clinically-proven probiotic) in our Wellness Sprinkles (one for dogs, one for cats) supports both gut and immune health!

Culturing also makes it easier for our bodies to absorb nutrients in foods as the process breaks down anti-nutrients (phytate, tannins, phenols, oxalates, etc.) that impede absorption. And so, cultured foods vs. cooked or even raw foods, are said to have a higher bioavailability, meaning the nutrients are more available to our bodies.

For instance, the protein in our nutritional yeast, which is the star ingredient in Noochies! Freeze Dried Snacks, is a bioavailable protein.

And finally, macronutrients are produced through culturing. A great example of this is when nutritional yeast is cultured. During that process, a group of B vitamins that previously weren’t in the yeast, are now present. And those B vitamins have so many health benefits —B1 plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy metabolism, B2 supports immunity, and B9 helps with brain development—amazingly, these nutrients were derived directly from culturing!

Not only is the nutritional yeast in Noochies! Freeze Dried Snacks a complete, bioavailable protein (without any slaughter), it also contains fiber, minerals (including iron, selenium and zinc), and that natural vitamin B-complex!

We consider the nutritional benefits of cultured ingredients to be so magical that Noochies! will continue to create new products for cats and dogs that center around this modern-yet-ancient way of preparing foods.

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